Crop Circles. Collaboration with Scott Hocking for Trans-Farm, Detroit, 2014. 

‘Crop Circles’ is an urban installation. A series of crop circles were created by artist Scott Hocking in overgrown areas throughout the city of Detroit. Yvette commissioned Scott to make the work for Trans-Farm,  a show that she organized through a grant from Apexart in 2014 that made commentary on urban farming, art, and technology in the context of Detroit. Scott made the crop circles during the early mornings of the summer of 2014. His method is a secret. Yvette created drone videos of the crop circles, made to appear as if they had been discovered one day without explanation. The videos were projected in a private screening room in the exhibition, held in a former factory, now the Russell Insdutrial Center. 

Some of the crop circles were created on overgrown land owned by DTE electric company. DTE immediately destroyed them the next day.